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Incremental actions

Harness the power of incremental actions

Our solution combines incremental plastic removals and social empowerment with a tech-driven ecosystem for near real-time tracking, data management, reporting, traceability, transparency and communication.


Make your impact felt

We help you take immediate and tangible action against plastic pollution

by making you achieve remarkable environmental and social outcomes that would not occur without your commitment, where it matters the most.

Unlike plastic credits, our unique model guarantees you:

the full ownership of the positive impacts generated,

allowing you to contribute measurably to the SDGs.


Our unique approach

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Incremental actions vs past actions:
A membership model enabling brands to directly engage in incremental plastic recovery efforts, ensuring clear additionality and data ownership to avance the SDGs.


Impact-focused approach over mere volumes:

Emphasize real environmental and social change, not just quantities recovered, by addressing eco-sensitive zones and empowering disadvantaged waste pickers.


Bridging the gap between your sustainability efforts and the SDGs:

Leveraging a unique combination of technologies and real on-the-ground actions, to ensure that our clients' commitments are backed by verifiable and quantifiable evidence.


The Impact Service

Discover our 3 key pillars of impact

Environmeta Actions

1. Tactical cleanups 


Targeting neglected and hard-to-reach areas in eco-sensitive zones

Emergency cleanups in areas that endanger ecosystems, wildlife, marine life and local communities. Those areas are hard to reach and usually neglected because they are not as profitable as door-to-door household collections.

We go where nobody else can

Allocating funds upfront enables targeted plastic waste removals in critical ecosystems like beaches, ocean, rivers, mangroves, jungle, mountains, and illegal dumpsites.


2. Preventive Recoveries


Make low value plastic seen as a valuable resource

Low value plastic takes up a massive share of landfill waste in the global south and is difficult and expensive to recycle due to its complex composition. This limits the profitability of recovering low-value plastic, discouraging waste pickers and leaving much of it uncollected.

You'll rarely find a PET bottle in the streets of India

Everything that has a value is picked up by informal waste pickers in India. Our program provides those waste pickers with financial incentives to also collect low value plastic that otherwise would be landfilled or dumped in the wild.

Socia Actions

3. Social Empowerment


Changing the narrative around working with waste in local communities

Our programs unlock the potential of underprivileged women from disadvantaged communities. We empower these waste workers by providing them with skills, financial independence, and improved opportunities.

These programs enable your brand to make an impact on improving the living standards of those involved in the plastic waste management sector in the global south.


Make your brand a catalyst of change

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