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Empowering Brands with
Ocean Care & Social Impact

Real People. Real Impact. Real Change.


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The impact-tech company making Ocean Protection & Social Impact ROI-positive

Make Ocean Protection & Social Impact ROI-positive

We help purpose-driven brands capture untapped business value in sustainability, increase their ethical brand value, and gain competitive advantages, by integrating ocean protection and women empowerment initiatives into their business and offering.

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Ocean Protection & Women Empowerment seamlessly integrated into your brand

Janah is the impact company from Barcelona, pioneering social & environmental actions in the Global South.

We empower your brand to trigger plastic recovery missions and social actions in real-time by leveraging AI technology.

We focus on social empowerment to fight ocean pollution.


Environmental Actions

Social Empowerment

Telling your customers is good,
Showing them is even better
Create authentic impact
They already love your brand,
They'll love your impact
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Unlock untapped business value
Each action is UNIQUE to your brand, which provides:
Authentic content directly from the frontline, for your audience.
Sustainability claims that are accurate, verified and bullet proof.
Why we do what we do?
Ocean Protection
The need for a global response
of all plastic waste entering our oceans comes from a few hundred rivers in the Global South
4 Billion
people are likely to not have access to an organized waste collection system by 2040
Our Mission
Prevent 1 billion kg of plastic from entering our oceans by 2035

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